San Diego Memorial Day Weekend Recap

I'm so excited to welcome you to Dani Arizona!! You probably know me from social media or my old blogs, but this is something brand new. In the last few months, my life has been full of a lot of change. I quit my job of almost a year, moved out of my apartment of two years, and I went back to real estate full time. I desperately wanted to start a fresh new blog. With the help of Helene's amazing online blogging community, Blog Boss Babe, and Sarah's incredible design company, Social and Chic, I've found myself renewed and ready to get back into Blogland. So here we are!

I know it makes pretty much no sense to have my first post on a blog with Arizona in the name about my latest trip to San Diego, but it was a trip that really inspired me. As you'll see above I even have a video travel diary, something I hope to continue with each travel blog post. (So you should definitely subscribe to my YouTube!!) Last Thursday, Vance and I hopped on a 50 minute plane ride to San Diego for Memorial Day Weekend. We did some venue shopping for our upcoming wedding, ate a lot of ice cream (okay that was mostly just me), rode bikes, hung out on the beach, and went from Del Mar to Point Loma and everywhere in between. It was just one of the most relaxing and perfect weekends I've had in a long time. 

I'm definitely going to be doing a San Diego travel guide in the near future because Vance and his family have introduced me to some seriously great restaurants and spots. But until then, here's a few recommendations from this past trip: Sweet Shoppe at Belmont Park for ice cream with homemade waffle cones or Beach Treats on Mission Beach boardwalk for giant soft serve, C-Level on Harbor Island for fabulous onion rings, Hash House a go go for breakfast plates the size of your face (but get there so early because it gets packed!), and of course our very favorite Taco Surf in Pacific Beach for the best fast Mexican food ever! These are just a few.   

I can't wait to see where Dani Arizona goes and I hope you'll hop along for the ride. Follow along on Bloglovin or Instagram or even Snapchat >> faziodanielle, for all the latest! It's going to be an exciting few weeks with Hannah's visit from Charlotte next week, my 25th Birthday next Friday, and our trip to Chicago in a few weeks! Stay tuned!

*Also big thank you again to Sarah for making this blog transition so easy and even more amazing than I expected! You're the best, love!


  1. Have fun with your new blog :D

  2. Welcome back to the blogging world! Love the layout! San Diego is one of my favorite cities to visit.

    1. Thank you so much!! It's one of mine too!

  3. Your blog looks amazing! Love the cactus (AZ is one of my favorite places ever!) Everything looks great!