Podcasts I've Been Loving

I've become a little bit of a podcast-a-holic. Recently, I've been choosing to forgo the radio in the car and just put on a really good podcast. It makes my time in the car go by so quickly. If we're being totally honest, I definitely have a podcast playing right now. There are so many different topics and they're FREE to download from iTunes. Tuesday is my fave day for podcast releases honestly. I have a really good mix of subjects to share too, so let's get downloading: 

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast: Lauryn Evarts has one of my favorite blogs, The Skinny Confidential, and subsequently one of my fave podcasts! Her and her fiance, Michael, answer questions about a variety of topics from life, business, relationships, travel, blogging and it's so so great to hear their take on everything. Plus, it's super entertaining and they're so real. 

Social Media Social Hour Podcast: Working in social media marketing means I have the wonderful privilege of getting exposure to the latest in the industry. Tyler J. Anderson of Casual Fridays, a top social media management company, has an awesome interview format with cool brands and influencers. They share the coolest up and coming tools in marketing or social media. 

Church of the Highlands: This isn't a true podcast, it's the taped sermon from the Church of the Highlands in Alabama. I like to listen to this one on Wednesday mornings as a great midweek treat! Pastor Chris Hodges has such a great personality and I love his teachings. 

Heather Dubrow's World: Heather Dubrow of The Real Housewives of the OC is by far my fave housewife and I'm obsessed with her podcast. She gives you a cool behind the scenes look into her life and family. She also does interviews with other celebs and a weekly segment called: Hippest, Hottest, Newest sharing the latest in trends. 

Social Media Marketing Podcast: Another awesome social media podcast! Michael Stelzner of the Social Media Examiner, does a talk radio style show where he interviews experts in the social media world. I love the insight and knowledge in subjects like video and analytics that I wouldn't have otherwise sought out. 

The Bridechilla Podcast: I think we all strive to be the opposite of a Bridezilla which is a super struggle. Aleisha makes wedding planning a whole lot easier of a pill to swallow. She interviews real Brides and wedding industry vendors for all of the insight on a wide variety of topics. She also has full Q&A episodes. 

The Bitch Bible: Jackie Schimmel is my spirit animal. She says everything I'm thinking except she's really hilarious and I'm not so much. She's a blogger and podcaster who shares her takes on The Real Housewives, Bachelor, life, celebs, and pretty much everything else. Seriously she's so real and I wish we could be best friends. Seriously. 

cAbernet And A: Hi I've been addicted to Pretty Little Liars since the first episode of season one (RIP to myself after this season ends next year). These ladies are seriously fab. Chelsea and Sue make me feel like I'm sitting in the room sipping on a great wine (with a high alcohol content of course) recapping PLL every week with them which is exactly what you want in a podcast. PLL, hilarious friends (I wish), and wine duh. If you're a PLL watcher, you need to subscribe even though after tonight we're on hiatus until FREAKING APRIL. WHAT WILL I DO?! But seriously, what will I do? 

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