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What a long freaking week! It's finally Friday and our A/C is fully functioning again. There's actually nothing that makes you appreciate having a home in Arizona than when you don't have air conditioning and it's 94 degrees inside. Let's just say that my mom hilariously said we were living in a sweat lodge on more than one occasion this week. I'm just hoping I lost 5 pounds from sweating. In better news, a week from now we'll be waking up in San Diego which could not come at a better time. We're headed there to... (drum roll please) find our ceremony location! WooHOoo! Seriously I'm so excited I could cry. Finding the place I get to say, "I do," to Vance is probably the best part of planning so far. Let's hope I can make it until next Thursday because I'm just so thrilled. 

1. Take a mini vacation and see Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential's post from St. Tropez and prepare to swoooon. I've been following along on her adventures via Snapchat (laurynevarts) and it's perfection. Also if you're not following her on Snapchat, you're seriously missing out on one of the best snapchatters around. Seriously, it's a thing. 

2. Speaking of swooning, I'm obsessed with cute, branding wedding goods like coasters, napkins, basically things people are going to ruin or throw out. These 24 adorable Wedding Coasters and Napkins on Martha Stewart Weddings give me life. I need them all. What a brilliantly cute waste of money.

3. Am I the only one crazy about USA Gymnasts? Nope. The Magnificent Seven made us all seriously cry. Kerri's (first name basis clearly) vault was just perfection. I've been bookmarking and watching every 20 year (!!!) reunion article and interview including this one about What Really Happened Before and After The Very Famous Vault

4. Florists Share the Saddest Messages they've had to write...well this just took a turn for the depressing. It was pretty fascinating to read this though. Thank goodness I don't work as a florist because if I was on the other end of taking these orders, I'd always be sad. 

5. I actually hate real sushi, but I loooove the idea of making candy sushi with this video. HOW CUTE!

6. The other night I couldn't sleep (now I know it was because it was 800 degrees and the A/C was broken), so I pulled an all nighter and took 100 Buzzfeed Quizzes, one told me I'd never get married because I'm independent af I hope was wrong since I'm engaged and all...but this one is about What Year Each Disney Movie Was Released and I actually killed it. I got 10/14. I definitely thought Peter Pan was from the 90's. (Hint...it's really not.)

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