Fall Morning Routine

Now that the weather is getting cooler, I wanted to share my Fall Morning Routine which of course features my love of coffee because duh! In case I've never shared before or you've never read my about me, I work for Revelation Real Estate in Arizona as their Director of Social Marketing and Brand Communications. Coffee is a definite must for me on the daily. 

I get into my office at 7:30 and start the day by making coffee in my Keurig with the EkoBrew Reusable K- Cups  and Filters from Walmart in the coffee aisle! I can choose my favorite coffee (Starbucks Pike Place of course from my cute container) and put it right into my Keurig! They have heat resistant grips, easy to use, and I can save up to 80% as compared to purchasing a ton of those little K-Cup packs. Plus it's not just compatible with my Keurig, but also with Mr. Coffee, Cusinart, and Breville machines! You can even save with these rebates from ibotta!

While my coffee is brewing, I catch up on my emails for not only my job, but also real estate emails for myself and Vance. We are real estate partners as well (#NielsonRealtyTeam), but he spends most of the time grinding on the front lines, while I do the paperwork and coordinating. We've been crazy busy lately, so I've spent a few late nights answering emails and finalizing contracts. I also check my personal emails and blog emails too. 

Once my coffee is finished, I'm usually onto planning my day. I use the Louis Vuitton MM planner with the Life is Crafted inserts where I plan my week and to do lists. I love being able to start my day fresh every day with my favorite coffee made right on my desk! What is your favorite part of your morning? Let me know in the comments! 

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*This post is sponsored and I received the EkoBrew reusable K-Cups and Filters for free to review for this post. All thoughts and opinions as always are honest and my own. I appreciate the support to be able to blog and share things I love. 

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  1. Ah, if only my workday mornings were that picturesque lol!!!