Wedding Wednesday: Last Christmas as a Miss

Well, this is a pretty bittersweet post. As I was thinking about what my last Wedding Wednesday of 2016 would be, I started to think about how this Christmas and New Year's Eve would be my last one as a Miss with the last name, Fazio. In the recent weeks and months I've seen a lot more posts about how a lot of engaged women are not into the idea of changing their name because it's keeping "their identity," and they're so established with their last name and sticking with Ms/Miss vs. Mrs. I'll share more on this topic next year because this post is just a fun reflection post for us, not one to share why come May 1st of 2017, I'll be Mrs. Vance Nielson.

Our Engagement Announcements that we sent last Christmas

We're going to look back on the last 5 years of these amazing Ugly Sweater Parties, Christmases, and NYE's that Vance and I have spent together. (okay most/all of the NYE's were spent at home ha). I had the most fun gathering these photos and remembering the memories we've shared during this season.
Christmas 2011

#Babies Our first Christmas together was clearly one one of bad red eye correctors and also bad makeup with missing eyebrows (whaaat?). I remember making our ugly sweaters with those iron on letters and glitter puffy paint. Vance, as always was a trooper for my Ugly Sweatering. That year we were also vlogging, so there's a whole Vlogmas video after this Christmas party where I actually describe the sweatshirts in detail here haha and if you want to see me shoot Vance's eye out while he was in an elf costume, that video can be found here. (It's definitely worth the watch starting at around 8:10.)

Christmas 2012

The one Christmas that I was blonde and we festively matched in red. I rocked all of my favorite trends: huge monogram necklace, open back, patterned leopard tights, and my new Tory Burch Reva's. It was also our first Christmas that we spent with each other's families. I sadly couldn't find an Ugly Sweater picture from this year. 
Christmas 2013

My all time favorite Christmas Eve outfit was that one, but again with the trends: knee high socks, booties, and my Zara skort of course which was deemed not church appropriate by my parents. Oops. Also, some of my favorite Ugly Sweater outfits ever created. I thought I was hilariously clever by attaching a gift tag to Vance that said "To: Danielle" We were finding gift bows in his truck for a long time after that party. 

Christmas 2014

This year Vance got me my promise ring for Christmas that I loved so much. It was a beautiful black onyx stone that I wore until the following July when a different ring took it's place. ;) That year I got pretty freaking lazy and found our Ugly Sweaters at Goodwill. Vance's was stitched by an old lady and had the most hilarious neckline because it pulled across his shoulders. I laugh even now thinking about it. 

Christmas 2015

I don't know why I don't have any photos of us together from last Christmas (probably because I was working retail until 6 pm on Christmas Eve), so this will have to do. We were reveling in the time of finally calling each other fiance as we had just announced our engagement (one year ago today!!). It will definitely go down as one of my favorite Christmases because of the excitement we shared with our families. My mom got us those mugs and our Engagement ornament that year. I still get butterflies thinking about how special that Christmas was. 

In case you missed our most recent Ugly Sweater Party post, this is from just a few weekends ago and these might be my favorite sweaters. I ordered them from Tipsy Elves and they were absolutely perfect and seriously the most comfortable thing ever. As you can see, Winter 2016 has been the time that Vance discovered wine. 

Now onto the hilarity that is my insistence of taking a picture together at midnight every single New Year's Eve that we've spent together which has been every year except our first. 
From Top Left to Bottom Right: NYE 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015

I was laughing hysterically at these because as you can tell I've gotten progressively more casual as the years have gone on. (#old) I think every year I have the crazy notion that we'll go out and be real twenty something's. The first maybe two years we did, but we always came home before midnight and spent it at home. 2012 cracks me up the most because I tried on probably like 5 different outfits, sending Photobooth pictures to my friends to help me choose, so we went out, I got tired as usual, and we fought about whether to go somewhere else and settled on just going home. We had less than 3 minutes from the time we got to V's apartment to get set up to take that and clearly the picture turned out so greaaaat that I felt the need to slap on the horrific filter with that weird photography border on it. There's an instagram throwback for ya. 

Looking back at the memories we've made really makes me appreciate how we've gotten to grow up together and share my favorite time of year for so long. I can't wait until we're sending out wedding themed Christmas cards for 2017,  putting up a tree and lights in our first home, eventually wrapping gifts together to play Santa for our children. I know the best Christmas memories are still ahead of us and I'm so excited about that!

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