What's in my Library: December 2016 Edition

I've always been a super nerd that loves to read. These days it's a rarity that I have a physical copy of a book and lately I haven't even been using my iBooks app because of my obsession with Audible. I love to listen to books while I drive or clean like I would the radio. It's a total game changer in my opinion. These are the books that have been in my library this month. Send me your recommendations in the comments too! 

1.  The Magnolia Story (Chip & Joanna Gaines): Ob-freaking-cessed with them! I actually discovered this book from my future seester in law who was reading it on the drive home from San Diego over Thanksgiving and I downloaded it immediately. I love Fixer Upper's, so listening to them share their story in their own words is so great. I see a lot of Vance and myself in them, so it's been so amazing to hear how they came to be who they are. I'm not finished yet, but I'm LOVING it so far!

2. Rhinoceros Success (Scott Alexander): This is a short read that might be a little cheesy, but if you're looking for a quick boost of motivation in your life (hello 2017!), this is it! I enjoyed the silly comparisons of being a Rhinoceros vs a Cow in the world. It was a required read for work, but I'm so glad it was because I find myself really thinking about myself differently because of it. 

3. What I Know For Sure (Oprah Winfrey): This book was recommended to me and I really enjoyed it. It's not really that long, but at times it feels like it draws out too much. I really prefer the authors reading their own books because it really adds to the whole feel for me and Oprah's enthusiasm during her experiences really makes it for me! There were a lot of wonderful lessons and anecdotes that really warmed my heart during the listen. 

4. Hamilton: The Revolution (Lin-Manuel Miranda & Jeremy McCarter): While I haven't been to actually see Hamilton in person, I've had to settle for singing through the soundtrack a few hundred times and watching YouTube videos until that day. This was an amazing behind the scenes look into how Hamilton came to be the sensation it is from the very beginning. This book took me a long time to get through (6 hours to listen to!), but I liked being able to listen to it sporadically chapter by chapter to really digest it. If you're a theater nerd, this is a must to read!

Coming Soon to my Library: Talking as Fast as I Can (Lauren Graham) & Love Your Life, Not Theirs (Rachel Cruze)

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