Wedding Wednesday: Beverly Hills Bachelorette Weekend

Another wonderful #WeddingWednesday today and probably my favorite so far! I can't wait to share more of the process of being a bride and planning a wedding with Wedding Wire, but first today's post! Last weekend after a few months of planning, I'd like to say that my Bachelorette Weekend went off without a hitch. It didn't because it wouldn't be my life if it did. Patricia worked really hard to take my vision of an amazing Troop Beverly Hills themed weekend and make it a reality. Let's just say it was one of the best weekends of my life and that still might be the understatement of the century. This is part 1 of 2 because next week's post is all about the amazing details and decor that you'll see in this post. This post will be a long one. It will be picture heavy, but also with a lovely back story. I apologize in advance.

Things got off to a rocky start with the storm that decided to roll into Southern California. We didn't think it would be "THAT bad," but woke up on Friday to a text alert from American Airlines saying our flight that afternoon was actually CANCELLED. Emotions were already running pretty high for me that week and then that text sent me into a tailspin of sorts with lots of crying phone calls to American Airlines, the girls, my parents, anyone who would listen basically. They tried to get us on a red eye that night to Dallas (yes, the complete opposite direction of LA) for an over night layover, then onto LA in the morning. Thankfully, Olivia found us a direct flight at 8 am on Saturday morning getting us in just in time for the long awaited trip to Malibu Wine Safari to drink wine with Stanley, the Giraffe at 11 am. Don't worry because Friday wouldn't end without an email from the Malibu Wine Safari saying that the inclement weather would prevent our tour from even happening. Cue the tears again in the middle of a restaurant with my family. My dad came to the rescue and offered to get us tickets to Universal Studios for the day instead. Obviously I was still on edge, but the trip was starting to look up...maybe.

I should add that I'm a dedicated Southwest Airlines traveler. I literally never fly anything else, so I was weary when we had to book American because we all wanted to get on the same flights. (Yes, this post will be putting AA on blast because if you saw on Snapchat, I was pretty pissed at them. Also an understatement.) I went to check in with my bags and a lovely $60 fee for said bags. Of course, one of mine was 5 lbs over because duh. The lady at the check in counter suggested I switch items into my other bag and keep weighing it or I could pay an overage fee of oh just ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. Kill me. So there I was on the floor opening my giant leopard suitcase taking out makeup bags and champagne bottles crying and sweating while listening to the same lady at the counter WAIVE this older lady's bag overage fee for her bag which was oh just 10 lbs OVER. I was just losing my mind and savagely texting the girls who were already at the gate about the whole ordeal. Finally got my bag under 50 lbs, finally got through security, and finally was drinking mimosas with my bridesmaids while telling them how I wanted to kick the shins of the check in counter lady. (My mom was thankful I didn't.) We get on the hour long flight to LAX and AA didn't even serve drinks at all. I'm getting more bothered when I should be getting more excited. The fun wasn't over because when we landed, we didn't even have a gate to taxi into. We sat on the plane for another HOUR, still no drinks or snacks, or even water. The number of times I uttered the words, "I will never fly American Airlines again," are far too many to count. (And don't worry I tweeted them as well. I was THAT person.)

We finally escaped the prison of a plane and were reunited with Patricia, who had an earlier flight. We got ourselves probably the tiniest Uber possible for four girls with like 8 bags between them. We were finally here! Albeit almost 24 hours later, but we made it! Our Air BnB was seriously wonderful, right in the heart of Beverly Hills and in amazing condition (if you are looking for a great one in the area, please let me know!) We started to unpack, put up decorations, blow up giant balloons while Patricia and Olivia went on an adventure to pick up my surprise cake! The four of us headed to Universal Studios. I'm not going to go into full details about the day because it was mostly the three of them forcing me to ride every ride (even the scary ones, so not me), eating a lot of bad for you food, me geeking out about all things Harry Potter because duh, and me being the only one in the group wearing a bright yellow poncho on the Jurassic Park ride.



Because our time spent at Universal ran a little over and deservedly so, we didn't have time for a nice dinner on Saturday night. We headed to Ralph's with souvenirs and Front of the Line passes still around our necks (SO worth the extra money by the way) to grab frozen pizzas, alcohol, pizza rolls, a baguette, cheese, and chips instead. We blasted music and got ready to go out that night. Of course a lot of the time was trying to find the best lighting for photos. It was the only downfall of the Air BnB at night haha. 

The original club we planned on heading out to was packed and not allowing anyone in because I was the slowest one getting ready. SORRY GUYS. Then we drove to what we thought was a rooftop bar and was actually just a hotel. Brooke and Olivia suggested heading to West Hollywood to go to a gay bar. We took our Uber and ended up at Flaming Saddles with no cover and shirtless guys in cowboy hats and jeans dancing on tables. I'm half tempted to not even share it on my blog because we want to keep that gem of a place all to ourselves. We ended up staying for the whole night having the best time dancing, drinking, and singing (badly and loudly to the best songs ever if you saw on Snapchat). Literal best night ever. I'll spare you all of the photos AND videos as I did end up laying on a trash can at the end of the night with my dress on the living room floor taking photos with a sleeping Patricia on the couch. 

As you can imagine the next morning was a little too rough for a fancy brunch, so we opted for making our Uber driver chase down a Starbucks in sweats and replaying the horrible videos from the night before. Once we got home, we put on Korean face masks that made us look like Hannibal Lecter, drank mimosas, and watched The Devil Wears Prada. It was perfect way to relax from the amazing night before. 

If I'm being honest before we left I googled all the most "instagrammable" walls in LA of which there are a lot. It was seriously so much fun having mini photoshoots at all of those cool spots like the Pink Wall and the angel wings among a few others. It was the perfect weather for being the weekend of the "worst storm in six years." I genuinely enjoyed the company of my best friends so much this weekend if that wasn't super obvious. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon before dinner walking around downtown Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive and enjoying delish macarons at Laudree. We went home and got ready for dinner at a great Italian restaurant when it started raining. Dinner was so good, but what ensued after was the best. We changed into our matching pajamas, cut the delicious cake that Patricia got me from Hansen's into fourths, took shots of champagne out of my ring shot glasses, and blasted the Backstreet Boys until midnight. What a perfect way to end our last night in LA. 

The next morning the trip couldn't have ended on a higher note than an American Airlines delay for three hours where I tweeted them again from the floor of the gate and then when we finally were on the flight we were only given "Water Service." #NeverFlyingAmericanAgain. I couldn't have loved the weekend any more than I did. Patricia, Brooke, and Olivia seriously spoiled me all weekend and gave me one of the most memorable trips in the world. (Obviously we can't wait to make our next venture to Flaming Saddles haha) I love you three so much and I'm seriously so lucky to have you guys in my life. Stay tuned for Wedding Wednesday: Bachelorette Details next week where I share all of the amazing items you see here including the Troop Beverly Hills sashes, the Bachelorette banner, Snapchat Filter, among other things! Stay on the look out for more #WeddingWednesday posts where I share more of the planning process and how I've been utilizing Wedding Wire through the past few months!!

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