Twas the Night Before Our Wedding #VanDanSayIDo

Twas the night before our wedding and all through the hotel room not a bridesmaid was stirring, not even the bride. The Wedding Wire checklist's last item was checked, the rehearsal was done, and the dress is hanging on the bathroom door with care. Since technically I get married today and we're all still up laughing about such nonsense, not all of that is true.

Every moment I feel like I'm watching from above, just trying to drink in how it feels to be marrying my best friend and having the people we love and care so deeply for come here for us. Everyone keeps asking if I'm nervous, but I'm not because I'm marrying the man I've loved for six years, the one I grew up with, the one I danced with on the top of A-Mountain in the middle of the night with, the one who surprises me with Sonic Cherry Coke's on my bad days, the one I work with, the one I rely on, the one who God made to love me.

This going to be short and sweet, but I couldn't actually be happier than I am right now except when I'm looking at his hazel eyes and holding his hands at the altar at 5:30 pm tomorrow/today/later. Thank you for all the well wishes and support through this journey from engagement to our reception. I can't wait to share more in the months to come and Vance Nielson, I can't wait to be your wife.

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  1. I have been a wedding vender (Photographer) in the area for twenty five years and I have never been treated so well by a wedding venue like I was at this place. I am usually taken care of as a "last on the list" at venues, which I understand where the bride, groom and guest come first but the entire staff from the minute I walked in the New York wedding venues door treated me so well.