Wedding Wednesday: How to Thank Your Vendors After Your Wedding Day

It's been almost a month since we tied the knot and I've started to work on thank you's. Not just for wedding gifts and our bridal party, but also for our vendors. We were absolutely blessed to work with some of the greatest vendors and I love being able to show them how much I appreciated them not just on our wedding day, but especially through the whole process. Here are some ideas of how you can say thank you.

1. Write a thank you note. This is the obvious choice of course. Sending or giving a handwritten thank you note is definitely a lost art these days. I love sending and receiving cards, plus taking the extra time to write a heartfelt note doesn't go unappreciated. I love these adorable ones here and here in a set that are specific to the vendor. You can even give these to them on your big day just like your family and bridal party if you're more prepared than I was.

Reception Venue: Gather Estate | Wedding Planner: Laki Events and Design

2. Get them a small gift. Of course you can add a small gift with your thank you note. You can get little handmade tags like these if you make something, or scoop up an adorable mug for your wedding planner, or even jewelry if you're so inclined. This can be very small and sentimental to remind them of your big day even.

3. Write them a review on Wedding Wire! This is a must. If you loved your vendor, you have to write them a review. Share how great they are with other couples looking for awesome vendors. More business and referrals is the best thank you that they can receive. Even if they don't ask for it, find them on Wedding Wire, their Facebook page, etc and write something sweet about them! They deserve it and this will be the most beneficial gift in the long run. 

Photo Booth: Luxe Photo Lounge

4. Tag them on Social Media. Let's face it, you're already posting a ton of wedding photos and what not on your social media. Take the extra time to find their social media accounts (if you haven't already) and tag them in your photos. Share the love because they worked hard to make your big day super special and who knows, you might get a share out of it. They love seeing their hard work pay off in great photos and video. You should also tag bigger wedding accounts too, so they can see your beautiful wedding and hopefully share your posts and tag your vendors too!!

Wedding Dinner: Il Fornaio | Wedding Cake: Twiggs | Cake Topper: Engrave My Memories

Don't worry in the coming months, you'll be introduced to all of my amazing vendors too, but if you're in Arizona, please feel free to reach out if you're looking for great recommendations in addition to the ones tagged in this post!!


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