Weekend Ready: May 12th

I had to start this week's wrap up with a picture from our last day in San Diego (a week ago tomorrow!!!). I'm already missing SD like crazy, okay to be honest I start missing San Diego by the time I get to the airport every trip. It was such an amazing time as you could see in my last post about our Wedding Weekend and Rehearsal Dinner. This week was a tough one to get back into after being sick and now preparing for tomorrow's wedding reception. I'm excited to see how all of those details come together. Don't forget to follow along on Social Media: #VanDanSayIDo and on Snapchat: @faziodanielle. I promise there will be more to share since this event is more public compared to our wedding day.

Watching: 13 Reasons Why. Okay so I binged (just one episode left!) this one the day I was home sick after having multiple people tell me I needed to. I read the book a few years ago and loved it. After reading the mixed reviews and critiques, I completely understand why people have said what they've said. It's hard to watch due to the subject matter, but it's gripping and the acting is really well done. I would definitely say it's a must watch, but some of the scenes are tough to get through.

Listening: Spotify's Lighten Up playlist. This playlist has such a great mix of feel good songs to start your day out right!

Reading: I'm currently finishing Emily Ley (of the Simplified Planner)'s Grace Not Perfection, on Audible. I'm notorious for downloading lots of Audible books and not finishing them. This one has been really good at refocusing me. I've been under lots of stress and her outlook on not putting so much pressure on ourselves isn't something new by any means, but it's such a fresh reminder that I constantly need.

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Loving:  Spray Tans from The Pretty House Studio (in Gilbert if you're local). I consider myself a spray tan connoisseur. I've tried many different booths and a few different individual people, but Bree's has been by far the best. I wore it for my wedding day and just went again yesterday to prep for the reception. It lasts longer and fades really naturally because of the hydration spray she uses. It's an absolute must! 

Weekend Plans: We're having our wedding reception tomorrow night at The Gather Estate in Mesa and I'm so excited to see how everything has come together. It's been a long planning process with a lot of hiccups and to be honest (is this horrible?), I'm ready for all the stress of the wedding to be off my shoulders. I'm still so excited though, just ready to go back to normal life. Although I don't know what that looks like either anymore.

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  1. I shot a wedding at this place in May of last year and the couple was thrilled! They had the ceremony out on the patio then came inside to a long-table format reception which was perfect. The cake table at San Francisco wedding venues was backed by some stunning views.