Second Trimester Recap

Let's talk about the fact that as of last Thursday, I'm 32 weeks along with sweet baby girl. I fell off the blogging wagon somewhere along the way. (Okay pretty quickly.) If you didn't read what used to be sort of weekly updates on my non defunct pregnancy blog, I spent the entirety of the first trimester extremely sick. (It was super cute living off Eggo waffles) Since I never officially made that announcement on this blog, I should answer the obvious pregnancy related questions to catch you up.

When are you due? July 12th.

What are you having? A girl.

Have you decided on a name? Yes. It won't be announced until she's born though.

Have you had any cravings? Not really anything outside of the ordinary, but y'all if you've never had a cookie from Wendy's, you gotta try them!!!

How are you feeling? I feel tired and out of breath most of the time. I also sleep very little because I just cannot get comfortable.

Do you have the nursery finished? Nope.

I think anything else will be covered in this post recapping my second trimester or you can leave any other questions in the comments below.

I should preface that I feel completely blessed to have had a relatively healthy pregnancy. I was extremely jaded about the entire pregnancy thing coming out of my first trimester, feeling like I was duped into thinking this would be easier and more sunshine-y. It wasn't, but day by day I realized the sunshine-y part was just being lucky enough to have this tiny human growing inside.

Physical Changes
As you'll see throughout this post the bump absolutely popped. I wouldn't say that happened until I boarded a plane Week 19 to the lovely humidity filled city of Nashville. I swelled up like mad from head to toe. My morning (all day) sickness finally began to subside around the Week 17 mark and I started to get my energy back. I went back to a more steady Pilates routine of at least 1-2 classes a week with accompanying yoga. I also got my appetite back and started doing at least one Isa shake a day. I started having more aches and pains especially leg cramping and lower back pain. My skin started to clear up with the help of frequent LED light treatments.

Maternity Wear
I had decided prior to the second trimester that I didn't want to buy a ton of maternity specific clothing especially since I didn't really start showing until over half way through. I did buy maternity jeans and a few maternity t-shirts. My favorite tops are H&M Basics and my favorite jeans have been from Target and ASOS. My other favorite store for maternity specific was definitely Pink Blush where I seemed to gravitate toward the florals in dresses. I also gave up most of my normal bralettes unfortunately. Check out four maternity outfits in my past post from #CatchMeAtLuxe.

Everything Else
The second trimester felt like an absolute dream in comparison to the first. Once I started to feel better, I really got to enjoy this sweet little girl. I started to feel flutters around 22 or so weeks. It was still one of the most surreal feelings like a fish blowing bubbles in the fish bowl that is now your stomach. (Am I crazy?) Pregnancy brain was only minimal at this point, but I definitely was more forgetful than usual. I also wish I could say I started to get used to the many pregnancy questions, I still haven't. There also wasn't much nesting besides the constant pinning of nursery inspiration, which I'm excited to share. The second trimester definitely flew by compared to the first and so far the third is going even quicker. 

Baby girl is growing quickly every single day (5 lbs!!!), so I'm trying to get posts up of my pregnancy musts, nursery inspiration, and more. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or if you have any post requests. 

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