We Like Big Bows featuring Stevie J's

As I mentioned in Charlotte's One Month Update, this munchkin is hardly ever without a bow on her head. During my pregnancy, I amassed a large collection of bows and headbands knowing that there would be one for every outfit if I wanted. In a few short weeks, I discovered my favorites and these three headwraps from Stevie J's are right up in there in the top 5.

These come in two sizes: baby and toddler/child. They fit C's head really well without slipping down plus they're super soft. Yes, they're big. You will get comments on how big they are, but let's get real we like big bows and we cannot lie. I'm definitely in the camp of the bigger the better.

Thank you so much to Stevie J's for sending us these bows to style. I'll definitely be picking up more for our collection especially for fall!

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