Newborn/Baby Essentials

Most of the items I ended up purchasing/registering for C were from online recommendations and reviews. I really respect the opinions of other mommas especially ones who have done this before. Of course every baby is different and even one baby's likes and dislikes can change, so these are purely the things that have worked for us. I'm not any sort of expert by any means either. This is actually going to be like a Post 1 of 2 with this first post just Baby/Newborn things and then the next post will be more Mommy things.

Big Ticket Items (I'm going to skip the safety aspects of these next items because obvi safety is the top priority, so it goes without me saying 90 times that these items were top of the line safety rated)
- nuna pipa lite lx infant car seat & base (caviar): This came highly recommended on tons of moms' recommendations as extremely light in comparison to most car seats. I didn't realize how big of a deal that was until I'm constantly lifting it with a now 10+ lb baby inside usually whilst carrying other stuff.
- nuna mixx2 stroller (indigo): It was super important to me that the car seat attach to the stroller and I know most can mix and match with adapters, but let's be real I'd probs lose the adapters. This stroller also came highly recommended because there were multiple modes that would grow with baby including the normal seat, the bassinet, and the car seat. I've only used the car seat, but it's super easy to pop on and off the stroller. It's also super quick and easy to open and collapse by myself. (Very crucial when its 110 degrees)
- nuna mixx series stand: This guy is extremely versatile for at home and travel. I've only used it with the bassinet (see below), but it can also be used as a high chair.
- nuna mixx series bassinet: Alert alert! This is sold separately from the stroller even though it is seen in stroller photos. I originally bought this for the stroller, but haven't used it once on the stroller tbh. I keep it on the stand for her to sleep in every night and it's perfect. It's also super easy to clean if you have a baby that might spit up at night.
- dockatot deluxe stage 1 dock (carrara marble): This is a hot button item because people either love it or hate it. I took a chance on it and I'm SO glad I did. C loves it. I use it all the time. She takes supervised naps on my bed in it and also hangs out in it while I'm getting ready or in the bath or working. Truly don't know what I'd do without it since she never took a true liking to a swing or the Rock n Play. (still trying tbh.) She does not sleep in this overnight nor do I use it in her bassinet, just during the day with me right there. I believe that has helped her sleep in the long 6-8 stretches during the night because it's established a different routine knowing she's in the bassinet vs the dock. If you decide the Dockatot is for you, I recommend getting a second cover for the inevitable spit up or blow outs that are bound to happen.

Sleeping (I don't know if moms were all supposed to master this swaddling skill, but I couldn't do it. Thank God for zippers.)
- halo sleep sack: This is what I've used since C came home from the hospital. You can use it arms in, arms up, or arms out. She's been arms in the entirety of the time and it's been a game changer to have her sleep all night honestly. I have a few different ones in different fabrics. I switch it up with the next one.
- love to dream swaddle up: This is the newest sleep addition also known as the cactus. C loves to be able to self soothe and frequently ends up with arms out anyway. This is trickery because her arms are up near her face the whole time which she loves, but she's not busting out of anything, so we both win.
- babymoov lovenest: This little pillow is designed to help with head support and flat head prevention. I keep it in her Dockatot and her Rock n Play, so she's not constantly laying completely flat on her head. C frequently turns her head to one direction while sleeping, so this helps to alleviate that. 

Feeding & Binkies (C is breastfeeding exclusively, but I knew I wanted her to take bottles and binkies pretty quickly. "They" suggest avoiding bottles and binkies because of nipple confusion or something. She was taking a bottle and binky within a week of being born tbh. Maybe we got lucky because she's never had any issues in the last two months switching back and forth.)
- boon nursh bottles: I'm a sucker for pretty things it's true, so these bottles are aesthetically super cute, but they're also the best she's used. They allow for air free feeding and they're easy to clean, which were my top two concerns. The silicone pouch collapses as she's drinking without any weird straws or valves or nonsense. The pouches come in two sizes (4 oz & 8 oz) and the nipples come in three stages. It's great that you only have to get new nipples when they're getting older instead of a whole new bottle situation.
- smilo pacifier: These are slated to be the best for baby's growing mouth because literally everyone will give you horror stories about pacifiers. They have four different sizes. We're currently using Stage 1, but she also has used the Newborn size as well.
- wubbanub: These are the cutest ones with all the different animals. I used to love these best because she couldn't throw them, but now she does that. She also soothes herself with the animal part and it's the sweetest thing.
- ana baby bandana bibs: You can see there's a pattern of functionality and fashion. These bandana bibs are so great for absorbing drool and spit up, but I love them with her white onesies as part of her outfits.

Misc. Items
- baby socks: C is known for always having only one sock on. She's constantly kicking them off and I'm constantly losing them. #1 Mom over here. I've bought a bunch of these packs of socks, so I never have to worry about matching them and losing them.
- baby nail file: On the top of list of mom fears is clipping baby nails, so I bought this nail file with the different discs. I do it while she's sleeping and she feels literally nothing. It's super quick and easy. It's so worth it.
- boogie bulb: This has been a life saver. We've heard conflicting thoughts about using nasal aspirators because you can't clean them effectively. This one isn't like any others because it completely opens up to be cleaned, so no build up occurs. She's been super mucus-y since she was born, so I've needed this guy daily for her. She hates it of course, but it works so well. I much prefer it to the Nosefrida. I also combine it with boogie drops for when her nose is really stuffy.

I'm always open to more recommendations for great baby products, so if you have any I need to check out, leave them in the comments or shoot me a DM.


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