Making the Biggest Decision I've Ever Made

I've probably rewritten this post at least five times over. I've been searching for the right words, but realized they'll probably never be "right." Ironically enough, the announcement is about the "right" time. For the last oh, probably seven years, I've been employed full time. As many of you know, I've been blessed to grow in the real estate company that my parents own. I started out working with a small group of agents coordinating listings to where I am now, as a brand and social media manager of the entire building. The last seven years have certainly had their up's and down's personally and professionally, but 2018 has certainly been one of the most challenging.

In preparation for my maternity leave (which came three weeks earlier than intended), I thought the next three months would be more of a see you later, but when Charlotte arrived, I experienced an unexpected mental shift. (Probably called becoming a mom...) My days were filled with her and reveling in every new moment. When I "came back to work" after maternity leave, I don't think I ever fully came back mentally. I was so incredibly blessed to bring her to work with me and also work from home. I don't take those opportunities lightly. Being with her here in the office just made me realize more than ever that I wanted to be able to have the freedom of being a stay at home mom. I kept planning and waiting for "the right time." After a lot of prayer, I realized there would never be a right time for me, but that everything was in God's timing. I needed to lean into that truth.

I have chosen to follow my dream of becoming a stay at home mom to Charlotte.
So in case you're like well what does that mean for your crazy workaholic heart? Well, stay at home mom is "the term" I guess, but I will spend my time pursuing Plexus as well as brand freelancing. I'm so excited for this new beginning and to jump head first into my business. The future is so bright and I'm thrilled to be able to bless more people in this new chapter. I've never had the guts to do something that really feels like I'm doing it for me.

I feel so grateful for all of the love and support I've received prior to making this decision. (And I'm sure since I've announced.) I don't take even one ounce of it for granted. I'm so thankful to have parents who have given me the opportunities and growth in this company for the last 7 years and even before that from the time I was 16. I will miss my work family and I'm so appreciative of what you all have done for me and Charlotte.

I'm ready for this new adventure and I hope you'll continue to cheer me on. (And yes more blog posts are coming.)

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